The annual gathering for business, government, and civil society leaders committed to Iran's responsible and robust economic development.

3 - 4 October 2017

The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

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With broad sanctions relief delivered in January 2016, Iran’s economic opening is now firmly underway. Major multinationals are establishing new or expanded operations in the country across sectors. The re-election of President Hassan Rouhani has renewed a popular mandate for international engagement and economic reform.  

The Europe-Iran Forum has been a milestone event in the course of Iran’s economic opening, establishing itself as an annual event of particular influence and foresight. EIF1, held in 2014, saw the first international business conference with a post-sanctions focus. EIF2, held in 2015, saw the largest ever Iran business conference. EIF3, held in 2016, was the first business conference to bring American and European policymakers into direct dialogue with Iranian business leaders. 

To be held in October 2017, EIF4 will help launch the “second phase” of Iran’s post-sanctions growth and development. Iran’s global business partners will have a period of domestic political stability during which the efforts for economic reform and liberalization will find a new momentum. But at the same time, new political risks in the United States and Europe will need to be managed directly to ensure business can proceed as intended. Executives and investors will need to plan their next moves with even greater prudence and a focus on practical action.

At EIF4, a high-profile network will gather to debate strategy, forge valuable relationships, and set the agenda for robust growth in Iran. 

Confirmed Speakers Include

Helga Schmid, Secretary General, European External Action Service
Helga Schmid

Secretary General

European External Action Service

Mohammad Khazaee, Deputy Minister for International Affairs and President, OIETAI, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
Mohammad Khazaee

Deputy Minister for International Affairs and President, OIETAI

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Mansour Moazami, Deputy Minister and Chairman, IDRO, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade
Mansour Moazami

Deputy Minister and Chairman, IDRO

Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade

Mehdi Karbasian, Deputy Minister and Chairman, IMIDRO, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade
Mehdi Karbasian

Deputy Minister and Chairman, IMIDRO

Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade

Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour, Deputy Minister and President, IPIS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour

Deputy Minister and President, IPIS

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Danny Annan, Ambassador of Denmark to Iran ,
Danny Annan

Ambassador of Denmark to Iran

François Delhaye, Ambassador of Belgium to Iran,
François Delhaye

Ambassador of Belgium to Iran

Juliusz Gojło, Ambassador of Poland to Iran,
Juliusz Gojło

Ambassador of Poland to Iran

Nicholas Hopton, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iran,
Nicholas Hopton

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iran

Susanna Terstal, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Iran,
Susanna Terstal

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Iran

Farzaneh Sharafbafi, CEO, Iran Air
Farzaneh Sharafbafi


Iran Air

Mohammad Saeedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines
Mohammad Saeedi

Chairman and Managing Director

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines

Parviz Aghili, CEO , Middle East Bank
Parviz Aghili


Middle East Bank

Masoud Khansari, President, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture
Masoud Khansari


Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture

Hans Nijkamp, Vice President for Iran, Shell
Hans Nijkamp

Vice President for Iran


Ghobad Shahbazi, Vice President and General Manager Iran, Novo Nordisk
Ghobad Shahbazi

Vice President and General Manager Iran

Novo Nordisk

Padideh Moini Gützkow,  ‎Vice President Mobility Iran, Siemens
Padideh Moini Gützkow

‎Vice President Mobility Iran


Philippe Delleur, Senior Vice President Public Affairs , Alstom
Philippe Delleur

Senior Vice President Public Affairs


Benjamin Fournier, Division Chief Operating Officer, Manoir Industries
Benjamin Fournier

Division Chief Operating Officer

Manoir Industries

Søren Holm Jensen, President, CO-RO
Søren Holm Jensen



Philippe Vogeleer, Director of Advisory, Vodafone Group
Philippe Vogeleer

Director of Advisory

Vodafone Group

Dirk Buitelaar, Country Manager Iran, Air France-KLM
Dirk Buitelaar

Country Manager Iran

Air France-KLM

John Andrews, Consultant Editor, The Economist
John Andrews

Consultant Editor

The Economist

Gary Lewis, Iran Resident Coordinator, United Nations
Gary Lewis

Iran Resident Coordinator

United Nations

Parviz Akbaroff, International Business Development Director, Rah Shahr   
Parviz Akbaroff

International Business Development Director

Rah Shahr  

Afrooz Bahrami, Director General of Foreign Investment , Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
Afrooz Bahrami

Director General of Foreign Investment

Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

Mostafa Beheshti Rouy, Executive Board Member for International Affairs, Bank Pasargad
Mostafa Beheshti Rouy

Executive Board Member for International Affairs

Bank Pasargad

Erik Belfrage, Chairman Partner , Consilio International
Erik Belfrage

Chairman Partner

Consilio International

Wim Dillen, Head of Business Development, Port of Antwerp
Wim Dillen

Head of Business Development

Port of Antwerp

Payam Dindoust, CEO, Behestan Darou
Payam Dindoust


Behestan Darou

Amir Farmanesh, CEO, IranPoll
Amir Farmanesh



Djordje Filipovic, Iran Country President, Novartis
Djordje Filipovic

Iran Country President


Mehdi Firouzan, Managing Director, Book City
Mehdi Firouzan

Managing Director

Book City

Ellie Geranmayeh, Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations
Ellie Geranmayeh

Senior Policy Fellow

European Council on Foreign Relations

Omid Gholamifar, Founder and CEO, Serkland Invest
Omid Gholamifar

Founder and CEO

Serkland Invest

Alireza Hagdoust, Development Director, Rosha Retail
Alireza Hagdoust

Development Director

Rosha Retail

Haleh Hamedifar, CEO, CinnaGen
Haleh Hamedifar



Aseyeh Hatami, Founder and Managing Director,
Aseyeh Hatami

Founder and Managing Director

Ramin Hariri, Partner, Dentons
Ramin Hariri



Ehsan Hemmati, Director of Reinsurance & International Affairs, MA Insurance
Ehsan Hemmati

Director of Reinsurance & International Affairs

MA Insurance

Dan Holland, Partner, Stephenson Harwood
Dan Holland


Stephenson Harwood

Majid Hosseini Nejad, Founder and CEO, Safarhaye Alibaba
Majid Hosseini Nejad

Founder and CEO

Safarhaye Alibaba

Mohsen Khalkhali, Partner, Iratel Ventures
Mohsen Khalkhali


Iratel Ventures

Carsten Leuters, Head of Solution Supply Chain Management , KPMG
Carsten Leuters

Head of Solution Supply Chain Management


Younes Mazlumi, CEO, Taavon Insurance Company
Younes Mazlumi


Taavon Insurance Company

Hossein Mokhtari, Director of Industrial Relations, Sharif University of Technology
Hossein Mokhtari

Director of Industrial Relations

Sharif University of Technology

Sharif Nezam-Mafi, Chairman,  Iran-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Sharif Nezam-Mafi


Iran-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Mohammad Reza Nikousokhan, Commercial Deputy, IRITEC
Mohammad Reza Nikousokhan

Commercial Deputy


Amir Paivar, Business Correspondent, BBC World Service
Amir Paivar

Business Correspondent

BBC World Service

Pirouzan Parvine, Partner, Dentons
Pirouzan Parvine



Richard Parris, Partner, Clifford Chance
Richard Parris


Clifford Chance

James Pay, Partner, Clifford Chance
James Pay


Clifford Chance

Said Rahmani, ‎CEO and Founding Partner, Sarava
Said Rahmani

‎CEO and Founding Partner


Baha Sadat Tehrani, Founder and Managing Director, Saziba Group
Baha Sadat Tehrani

Founder and Managing Director

Saziba Group

Hamed Sadjedi, Vice-Chairman, Iranian Venture Capital Association
Hamed Sadjedi


Iranian Venture Capital Association

Shahram Safai, Partner, Afridi & Angell
Shahram Safai


Afridi & Angell

Mahdi Seifollahi,  CEO, Pouya Finance
Mahdi Seifollahi


Pouya Finance

Bahram Shakouri, Managing Director, Mobin Mining and Road Construction
Bahram Shakouri

Managing Director

Mobin Mining and Road Construction

Ali Shekofti, Co-Founder and CEO, Digitstyle
Ali Shekofti

Co-Founder and CEO


Barbara Slavin, Acting Director, Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council
Barbara Slavin

Acting Director, Future of Iran Initiative

Atlantic Council

Arash Vafadari, Founder and Chairman,  Mana Payam
Arash Vafadari

Founder and Chairman

Mana Payam

Ulrich von Zanthier, Director, Financial Services, KPMG
Ulrich von Zanthier

Director, Financial Services


Saideh Yahyavi, Head of Middle East Group, Magnusson
Saideh Yahyavi

Head of Middle East Group


Majid Zamani, Founder and CEO, Kian Capital Management
Majid Zamani

Founder and CEO

Kian Capital Management

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, Founder, Europe-Iran Forum
Esfandyar Batmanghelidj


Europe-Iran Forum

Dynamic Programming

Excellence in programming has been a hallmark of the Europe-Iran Forum and has won the conferences series accolades from returning attendees. Unlike in other events, the organizers are true Iran experts, and draw upon this expertise and deep personal connections in the European and Iranian business communities to draw out the most salient topics for examination within the event program. Delegates attend the Europe-Iran Forum in order to receive sharp, technical, and valuable analysis that is not available from any other source.

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