A gathering for business leaders and policymakers committed to Iran's economy

14 November 2018

The Leading Iran Conference, Now In Its Fifth Edition

Dear Colleague,

Bourse & Bazaar is pleased to invite you to the 5th Europe-Iran Forum, the leading Iran business and economic conference, which will take place on 14 November (23 Aban) in Paris, France.
Following three years in Switzerland, Bourse & Bazaar is moving EIF5 to Paris in recognition of the important role that the French government and French enterprise will play in helping preserve the long-term European commitment to trade and investment in Iran. Each European country can contribute solutions.

Over the last few months, Bourse & Bazaar has facilitated important high-level consultations among senior European and Iranian stakeholders in the effort to define a new model of “business diplomacy” that reflects the realities of the return of US sanctions and the need for greater coordination between policymakers and business leaders to ensure compliance in a complex environment.

These consultations have included round tables in Milan, Stockholm, and Frankfurt as well as the Iran Financial Future Summit, which was convened in Brussels with the support of the European External Action Service and which included the governmental participation of eight EU member states as well as Switzerland and Norway. These meetings have resulted in formal proposals on practical solutions for the challenges facing commercial actors seeking to engage the Iranian market. 

In a new format that encourages forthright discussions, EIF5 will be off-the-record and comprised of working meetings. Space will be very limited. 
The event is fully sanctions compliant.

Our aim is to gather a select group of senior stakeholders to help devise and implement an economic package for Europe-Iran trade and investment and to sustain the optimism and ambition of the JCPOA era. 

There remains significant potential in our network to drive forward Iran's economic growth and development with win-win solutions. I am grateful for your consideration and support as we seek to bring this important event to fruition.

Best Regards, 

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj 

Founder and Publisher